About Canvas Prints Australia

Noosa Canvas printsCanvas Prints Australia are part of the group of small websites that form the Blue Horizon Prints group, we are experts in premium quality art delivered at affordable prices. Our emphasis was and always will be on maintaining the highest levels of customer service to keep our customers coming back time and time again. We offer everything from photos on canvas and framed prints, floating frames through to Wall decals & stickers.


We are based in the beautiful Sunshine coast of Australia in a small town called Noosaville, about one and a half hours drive north of Brisbane, next to beautiful Noosa and are philosophies are partially dictated by our beautiful surroundings, we are relaxed but efficient, friendly and always happy to help and we care about our business and our customers. Our customers are always welcome to drop by and see the art being manufactured, or also to pick up you art directly from our studio to save time if you’re in a hurry to get the art on the walls or give it as a gift to someone.


We aim to make ordering Canvas Prints Online the easiest thing in the world with our simple and easy to use website. We started out primarily just printing our customer’s photos on canvas but have since moved our attention to a much broader spectrum of art. One of our main fields of speciality is creating personalised word art, we have at least 3 sites that focus on creating custom typographic artwork for occasions from weddings through to birthdays and similar events. Our personalised typographic artworks have been featured in countless magazines in both Australia and overseas.


As time goes by we are expanding the artwork available on the site I’m not a day goes by when we don’t add at least five new artworks to the website. As I’m writing this we are busy adding brand-new collection of kids art along with some really stunning soundwave artworks created using our customers favourite songs. Our Australian wall art category is extremely popular with many of Australia’s most famous landmarks and also lots of local photography such as a house favourite showing loads of stunning surf and beach canvas prints. Another of our major focuses has been on building an amazing collection of Personalised push pin maps, we have a massive collection of world maps, the USA, Southeast Asia and also Australia.