5 Panel Wall Art Australia

These striking looking 5 Piece canvas wall art prints & pictures designs are absolutely stunning centrepiece artworks that work best as a set of canvas prints. The unusual diamond shape of these five panel artworks makes them work really well on a large wall space such as a living room. They are high impact artworks that will really set off a wall space giving it the wow factor! We are always adding to our 5-piece wall art collection as they are one of our signature artworks designs! Please note if you like an artwork on the website as a five panel then please get in touch and we’ll see if the file is good enough to print to this size.

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5 Panel Canvas Wall Art Print

Canvas Prints Australia is proud to offer massive five-piece wall art print sets of paintings, patterns, and photographs in a variety of styles and colours. They come laid over one large vertical centrepiece, two medium-sized pieces, and two smaller pieces on the outsides to give a brilliant and unique layout. They look amazing hung over large pieces of furniture or displayed across a huge wall that needs some life and decoration.

5 Piece Framed Canvas Wall Art

Our patterned five-piece panels come in a lot of unique styles including dot patterns and swirls, mesmerising designs, bubbles, and even street maps of cities such as London.  Ranging from bright and colourful to dark and mysterious, our patterned panels will draw in any viewer’s eye.

Canvas Prints Australia also offers panel prints of photographs of beautiful flowers, dramatic sunsets, and tropical beaches in addition to other nature panels. Purchase a beach or sunset panel set to bring to your tropical vacation home, or a delightful cityscape print to put up on a large wall.

These also make for perfect gifts for people who love collecting magnificent works of art. Give one as a present for a major birthday, anniversary, or a special milestone in someone’s life to celebrate.

The vivid colours on these 5 piece wall art prints are a sure way to spice up anyone’s home. Our options include warm and bright tones for spaces needing some colour as well as cool and darker tones for spaces needing some contrast. Buy one today to help spice up your home!

Have you ever walked into a room and immediately felt as if something was missing? Well, that something its often a stunning piece of wall decor that is crucial to make the space look well decorated and give it the wow factor. Only a statement piece of canvas wall art can quickly turn an empty wall into an epitome of aesthetics and grace. If you want to enrich the appearance of a large wall, then our 5 piece canvas art prints may be just the thing for you!

The biggest benefit of buying a 5 piece set of canvas wall art is its ability to envelop the wall without making it look empty or dense. Moreover, it creates a 3D impact as the image is printed over the sides of the canvas. Invest in a vibrant piece of split canvas artwork and upgrade your interiors without breaking the bank.