Aimee Del Valle Painting Prints

Aimee Del Valle is a British watercolour artist base din France whose gestural watercolours can be found in collections all around the world.

Aimee was born in Bath, England but currently lives in a small village just outside of Paris. Aimee’s work is inspired by people, their psychology and their cultures as well as animals, and all things living and beautiful with a strong focus on sketching people, especially dancers.

Aimee paints in watercolour and works in a comparatively loose and liberal technique with which she allows the paint to create its own rhythms and imperfections, reminiscent of real life. Her paintings are light and simple and have been described as “ethereal” and “dreamlike”.

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Aimee Del Valle, born in Bath, England, is an artist based in a village close to Paris, France. She is known for her majestic watercolour paintings that are famous all around the world. Aimee draws inspiration from psychology, culture, animals, and anything she views as beautiful with an emphasis on gorgeous dancers and people in general. She uses loose strokes and techniques to create her watercolour art, which allows the paint to find its own rhythm on the canvas.

Aimee prefers to keep her paintings light and delicate to allow the beauty of the image to come through. She says this technique is reminiscent of real-life and therefore enjoys playing around with strong lines and colours, which she leaves alone to blend naturally as opposed to blending them out herself.

Aimee spent much of her youth performing in theatres, specifically as a dancer. This allowed her to travel around the world and encounter various cultures. In addition to performing, she always loved to draw and create art, usually in the form of sketching people on a drawing pad. Aimee has lived in five countries as an adult on two continents, giving her a wide range of diverse perspectives to create from.  

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