Ann Kelle Kids Art Prints

About Ann Kelle and her Gorgeous Art

It all started in 2005. Well, to be fair, we probably need to go back a bit further to when our nine-year-old child, Kelle Boyd was carting around sketches of her own line of children’s clothing and wedding dresses in her backpack. Fast forward to over a decade later, Kelle had long since traded in her coloured pencils for a career in public policy. While working for the Mayor of Nashville (and a bit stressed), Kelle’s childhood dream was rekindled when she went to a local craft store to purchase art supplies as a stress reliever. Two years later, Kelle took a step of faith and launched Ann Kelle Designs.

Her fresh and bright designs immediately caught the attention of the industry. A week following her debut, her designs were being presented to Target.

These days you can find her fun and colourful designs on the shelves of boutiques and stores, as well as Barnes and Noble and Target.

Simple, sweet, and sassy. Designs inspired by all that we have always known and loved…from dad’s tie, spring flowers, ice cream, our favourite rock band, and even the sweaters we wore in the second grade. All the things we loved as kids.

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Ann’s journey begins at the age of nine when she was sketching her own children’s clothesline and wedding dresses that she chucked into her backpack. In 2005, Ann had pursued a career in public policy, which led her to working for the Mayor of Nashville, Tennessee. It was then when Ann recalled her childhood dream at a local craft centre. She purchased craft supplies to help cope with the stress of her job, which she turned into a new career only two years later. She launched Ann Kelle Designs, which was presented to Target only a week later. Today, her designs line the shelves of big-name chains such as Barnes & Noble and Target as well as smaller shops and boutiques. Ann draws inspiration from everything we loved as children, including ice cream, dad’s ties, and flowers, and paints them with a simple, sweet, and sassy spin. Her ideas have been described as “bright” and “fresh.”

Given that her designs are created with a childhood state of mind, her paintings would look best in a young child’s bedroom or a baby’s nursery. They would also make great gifts for expecting mothers at a baby shower or a young kid’s birthday. Hang them up on the walls to add a sense of love and youthfulness to the room or place them on a shelf to create the same experience. These rainbows, clouds, cute animals, childlike motivational quotes, and ice cream cones are perfect for anyone wanting to add a little freshness to their home.