Chris Paschke Fine Art Prints

Chris Paschke Fine Art Painting Prints

Chris Paschke Fine Art Painting Prints on Canvas & Framed Wall Art Australia. Chris Paschke’s comfort with the Sumi brush and continuing study with Asian masters have brought her “lovingly into the world of passive, peaceful Zen concepts, and the simplicity of an Asian artist.” The minimalism she brings to Wild Apple in her soft grasses, florals, characters and handmade papers continues to flourish with new visions, colours and textural studies. Many trips to China have fueled her desire to learn more about the art form, and have led her to create a living environment in the mountains of central California.

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Chris Paschke is a talented calligraphic and fine artist. She claims she was inspired to pursue art from an early age – when she started colouring. During her college years, her passion for art grew and she became fascinated by calligraphy and letter writing. She studied with several European art masters to sharpen her skills before moving on to study Japanese art, specifically the traditional sumi-e style.

She loves the ideas of humility and minimalism, which she brought into her own life by residing in the mountains of central California, away from temptations. Chris’ art represents serene Zen notions combined with the simplicity often seen in Asian artwork. Chris prefers to purchase her art supplies in Asia where the materials are of better quality and variety.

Her elegant art would look fantastic anywhere in the home, perhaps a bedroom or a shared common area in the house for all to see. We offer smaller Paschke prints that would look great on a shelf or a smaller wall, while the larger prints would look great in areas that need a touch of life and elegance.

Purchase a canvas of an animal, such as a giraffe or panda, or something more along the lines of nature with a bird or floral print. All of Chris’ designs show her unique style of blending colours together to create a simple yet graceful piece of art. If you require something a little bit bolder, choose from her fruit or champagne collection as these use thick, bolder lines or dark backgrounds. We also have some bold-coloured paintings without the hard linework available for purchase.