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Courtney Prahl studied art in Marymount University and Clarion University of Pennsylvania. Her work’s primary focus is on 3D arts, whimsical mixed media and collage collections which is inspired by nature and focuses the world outside. Courtney uses layering techniques throughout her art and colours that work well together.

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Courtney Prahl is a collage artist who uses layering techniques throughout her art and colours that work well together. Courtney studied art at Marymount University and Clarion University of Pennsylvania where she specialized in 3D designs that soon led her to create mixed media collages. The use of colour is extremely important to her.

She is known for juxtaposing materials, both old and new, which she uses with grace to create the most beautiful works of art. Courtney enjoys looking for classic paper at markets to use in her artwork. She spreads her knowledge to children of all ages at a local community art centre and community college because of her belief that art should be available to all. Courtney also helped create a local art charity called “Lend a Hand” to help those in need in her hometown in Maryland, USA, where she lives with her husband and two sons.

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Courtney’s nature paintings include animals such as dogs, birds, flowers, whales, turtles. Our collection also offers sports equipment such as soccer balls and baseballs set against a nice, contrasting background. Her paintings seem simple but require a strong technique to pull off that effortless look.

Canvas Prints Australia offers a variety of Courtney Prahl work, so be sure to check out our gallery. These pieces would look best in smaller prints hanging on walls to give any room a nice touch of sophistication or sitting on a shelf. We also offer larger prints which can be easily hung on larger walls to accent larger rooms and spaces.