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Elena Kulikova Framed Wall Art Australia & Abstract Portrait Canvas Photographic Artwork. Through hypnotic and surreal repetition, Elena Kulikova’s photography explores supernatural & dreamlike elements by utilizing everyday subjects often based on the figure. She parallels sensuality with explosive compositions to merge and amplify both human and elemental components. In her work, she creates a platform for the viewer to explore the relevance of time and the impermanence of our existence.

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Elena Kulikova is an exceptional and unique artist. Her work focuses on supernatural components by using subjects you find in your everyday life and interpreting them into a dreamlike reality. Her vibrant works of art rely on multi-layering, which she uses to deepen the meaning of her work. Elena’s style involves hypnotic and surreal interpretations to show how time and transience function in human existence. Elena’s artistic mind finds the mystic in the mundane and the familiar in the peculiar, which she combines into one image. Her innovative thought processing allows her to use vivid subjects that complement human reality well.

Elena’s career as a photographer began in Amsterdam, where she worked for numerous high-profile publications. She learned photography during her time working as a model and experimenting with photography on her own time. She currently resides in San Francisco, California.

Our collection offers rich, bold canvas photographs of Elena’s magnificent art. These bold colours would look great in a home full of other quirky elements or used simply as an accent to a room that needs some jazz. Her use of colours on a single canvas contrasts each other to make them pop off the canvas. Smaller canvases can be used to decorate a shelf with and work well as a gift to those who love this style of art, art collectors, or loved ones who enjoy bright and vivid colours combined with mystical elements. Browse our gallery to find a piece of art that works best for you.