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Emily Adams is a Brooklyn, New York, based self-taught artist that loves experimenting with text and colour in all her prints, art and posters, Emily often stylishly captures the juxtaposition of old and modern world elements with a subtle vintage feel to many of her artworks. Always creating, Emily views subjects with a creative and fresh perspective and her love of nature is evident in her work.

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Emily Adams is self-taught and based in Brooklyn, New York. Emily enjoys experimenting with her work to find a beautiful combination of text and colours in all her wall art prints and posters. She is always finding new ways to create art with new perspectives and loves sharing her passion for nature in her work. Emily draws inspiration from what is currently around her, including the hustle and bustle of city life and the quiet, serene countryside. She enjoys strolling through antique markets to find a muse for her new prints and posters.

Her passion for playing with the subtleness of colours and texture in her art often creates juxtaposition works combining contemporary and traditional elements. Emily paints with soft brushstrokes and various colour palettes to show off her skills and aptitude. Her neutral tones offer a sense of ease and create a comforting and welcoming atmosphere. We also offer several motivational quote prints designed by Emily, which are perfect for common areas of the household for the whole family to feel inspired.

Canvas Prints Australia offers a variety of Emily’s work, including elements of nature and the home on canvases. Her simple approach allows her to show off the elegance in her designs. These paintings would look great in a living room adjacent to your China cabinet or perhaps somewhere that needs a touch of serenity and peace. Larger prints would look great in open spaces in need of decoration. Browse our gallery and take yourself on a spiritual journey through Emily’s work.