Iris Scott Fingerpainting Prints

Looking for something distinctive and colourful to hang on your walls? Look no farther than our selection of Iris Scott Fingerpainting Prints! Iris Scott, a gifted artist who uses only her fingertips to produce breath-taking works of art, used her fingers to create the original paintings that served as the inspiration for these lovely canvas prints.

Each print in this series offers a riot of colour and texture, with layers of paint built up to provide a three-dimensional impression that is truly captivating. These finger paintings, which depict everything from tiny flowers to majestic landscapes, are simultaneously whimsical and meaningful depictions of the beauty and vitality of the natural world.

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Iris Scott Wall Art Framed Prints & Pictures & Finger-Painting Canvas Prints Australia. Iris Scott is an oil finger painting artist based in Brooklyn, New York City. Without using a brush, Iris makes her colour saturated canvases burst with movement and life using a form of textural Impressionism.

Iris Scott Artist Wall Art

Rich in topic, colour, and texture, her paint heavy finger-painting technique and rainbow of pigments oftentimes incorporates over 100 different oil colours into a single scene. Her paintings portray a dreamy, yet dynamic, world – a heightened, lusher version of reality. This gorgeous hyperreality artwork really brings her subjects to life whether they are happy shaking dog series or one of her other subjects such as the Koi fish or more abstract paintings.

Iris Scott Canvas Wall Prints

“Iris Scott makes ‘finger paintings’ portraying tigers in the night, bowerbirds, South Asian drag queens, and herself as a towering belle of some fantasy ball. So much sincerity and obsessiveness come through here that you lower your skepticism and revel in the lushness and love.”
— Jerry Saltz , Pulitzer Prize in Criticism

We are so lucky to be able to offer more than 100 beautiful Iris Scott wall art framed prints & pictures, ranging right through her series from her shaking dog collection to more recent vibrantly colourful abstracts. We even offer some of her beautiful artwork in high impact split canvases such as our Iris Scott Triptychs. All of our iris Scott artwork is available in a variety of media options, from our signature canvas prints to our gorgeously well-made framed prints and top shelf floating frames, along with the study cheaper options of rolled canvases, paper prints and wall decals.

For any room or taste, choose from a variety of sizes and subjects in our Iris Scott Fingerpainting Prints collection. Make a statement with a large piece that becomes the centre point of your living room or hallway, or go small with prints that bring a pop of colour to a bedroom or workplace.

Iris Scott’s extraordinary ability to create such fine detail with her fingertips is one of the paintings’ most notable qualities. The viewer is drawn in and kept interested by the sensation of depth and movement created by the distinct and obvious brushstrokes.

For anyone who like strong, stunning art that makes a statement, our Iris Scott Fingerpainting Prints collection is the ideal option. These finger paintings are certain to offer joy and inspiration to your home or office for years to come with their distinctive style, gorgeous colours, and minute details.