Julia Purinton Art Prints

We are extremely happy to be able to work with the talented artist Julia Purinton, Julia’s beautiful landscape paintings have a haunting slightly surreal appeal that works well on any wall space.

Fine artist and muralist Julia Purinton divides her time between urban Washington, DC and a small rural village in Vermont. Both places provide plenty of material for her evocative landscapes and cityscapes. Working in oils, acrylics, venetian plaster and glaze, Julia’s artwork has the luminous glow and vintage romance of images by artists who influence her: William Turner, John Singer Sargent and the Brandywine River School painters. Many layers of glaze create the atmospheric moods of her landscapes. Her work is found in galleries in New England.

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Artist Bio
I am interested in distilling specific details of landscape with narrative rather than descriptive intent. Utilizing a familiar vernacular of landscape imagery, I explore psychological passage and growth; finding joy, accepting loss, and releasing regret.

My paintings begin when a landscape resonates with my own emotional or psychological experience. Working in the studio from sketches & photographs over a period of weeks or months, I strive to produce an image that evokes a memory and sense of moment.When the viewer is drawn to an image through recognition of the feeling of a place, rather than of the specific landscape, there is a rewarding sensation of having shared both the mystery and the commonality of human experience.