Karin Roberts Art

Karin Roberts is a Sunshine Coast based published artist, designer, and animal lover. Drawing inspiration from nature and wildlife she loves exploring all mediums and merging them all together to create her final result. Art Tonic was born about ten years ago as a means of visual therapy!

 Drawn to spirit animals, Karin wanted her company name to reflect the unique healing each animal gives us. Karin has explored various art styles, from hand-drawn ornate detailed animals to fun, bold, and charismatic pieces. “Art is my Tonic, I find it so therapeutic”.

Karin has a Bachelor in Visual Communication (Graphic Design) from The University of South Australia. A Diploma in Multi-media & Design, and a Diploma in Counselling (ACAP).

Karin has held various successful exhibitions in Adelaide through out her creative career, her style is raw, unique and constantly changing. Life is a continual lesson, and my art reflects where I am at at any given moment.”

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Australian artist Karin Roberts produces breathtaking works of art that inspire awe and beauty. Her art collection features a wide range of subjects, including landscapes, seascapes, abstract, and modern art. Karin Roberts’ original style and technique speak volumes about her inventiveness and love of the arts.

Karin Roberts is an incredible landscape artist who beautifully captures the essence of Australian natural beauty in her works. Her use of vivid colours and forceful brushstrokes gives the landscape a sense of depth and texture that carries you right into its very centre.

Karin Roberts creates seascape paintings that celebrate the majesty and strength of the ocean. Her use of cool blues and greens, along with broad brushstrokes, gives the sea’s essence a sense of movement and life.

Karin Roberts creates beautiful abstract works of art that exhibit her distinct aesthetic and method. Her use of striking hues, forms, and patterns evokes a sense of depth and complexity that enthrals the mind.

Modern Art: Karin Roberts’ current outlook and creative energy are reflected in her modern artworks. Her use of simple shapes and a minimalist aesthetic gives off a timeless and contemporary sense of elegance and simplicity.

Mixed-Media Art: Karin Roberts creates dynamic, multi-layered mixed-media artworks by fusing various materials and techniques. Her mix of collage, painting, and sketching results in an unique and engrossing feeling of depth and texture.

Figurative Art: Karin Roberts celebrates the human form and expresses the beauty and complexity of the human spirit in her figurative works. Her use of vivid colours and powerful lines evokes movement and emotion in the viewer by speaking to their heart and soul.

Finally, Karin Roberts’ body of work is a testimonial to her imagination, enthusiasm, and artistry. Her artworks, which range from landscape and seascape to abstract and modern, demonstrate a distinctive style and technique that is both alluring and mesmerising. Karin Roberts’ works are a must-have addition to any collection, regardless of whether you are a collector or an art fan.