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Leonid Afremov Canvas Art Prints & Framed Wall Artwork Pictures Decor Australia. We are an authorised seller of prints by Leonid Afremov. He is a talented modern day contemporary impressionist artist based in the USA and Mexico specialising in oil on canvas using a palette knife to apply the paint. Unfortunately, this extremely talented artist passed away in 2019, his family still continue to run the business and we are still able to offer a massive collection of painting prints by Afremov.

Each Print can be bought as a Stretched Canvas Print, Framed Print with 3 Frame colour options, Rolled Canvas, Leonid Afremov Posters & Paper Print, Floating Frame or Wall Decal. All art for Australian orders is hand-made in Noosa, Australia, made using the very highest quality Products from 100% cotton canvas to New Zealand kill-dried timber.

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Leonid Afremov Art Prints

Each Print can be bought as a Stretched Canvas Print, Framed Print with 3 Frame colour options, Rolled Canvas, Paper Print, Floating Frame or Wall Decal. All Art is hand-made in Noosa, Australia.

Leonid Afremov, known for his modern impressionistic work, was a Russian-Israeli artist who passed away last year in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Born in Vitebsk, USSR (present-day Belarus), he was widely known for his oil and palette knife painting techniques used to paint beautiful scenes of cities, vintage cars, and seascapes. In addition, he also enjoyed painting cats playing jazz music and flowers.

Leonid Afremov Framed Prints

Afremov usually kept his work free of politics as to not offend anyone and was careful not to put hidden messages into his work. He drew inspiration from his own memories and emotions and tried to get viewers to experience emotion rather than have a painting tell a story. This is what makes his work so enticing to people of different ages and social groups.

Due to anti-Semitism in the USSR and the Chernobyl disaster, his family decided to relocate to Israel in 1990, where he opened his first art gallery before moving to the United States in 2002. After spending eight years in America, he moved to Mexico, where he spent the remainder of his life and died of cardiac arrest.

Afremov’s canvas prints are absolutely gorgeous! His use of colour demonstrates his unique ability to blend colours in unusual yet satisfactory ways. He painted his art on canvases with such great precision and care. Afremov canvas prints would look good anywhere in your home that needs a pop of colour but is not overly dramatic. Hang them on walls in your bedroom, living room, or dining room where you can show off these incredible paintings to visitors.

If you’re looking to purchase a Leonid Afremov print then you have come to the right place, as we have the largest collection of his art work in Australia. Choose from Leonid Afremov framed prints, canvas prints or even our popular floating frames. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions relating to the artist or the art we have for sale.