Personalised Push Pin World Map

Choose from more than 70 great Personalised Push Pin World Travel Maps, we have map art for Australia, The World, Europe & the USA, all the maps can be 100% customised adding family names, travel routes and personalised messages and words and a whole lot more. With every Customised Push Pin Travel map you are welcome to choose your own personalised compass and unique words.

These beautiful maps make the ultimate gift for the traveller in your life and will last a lifetime commemorating the lifetimes travels and adventures. We are always adding to our collection of pushpin maps in particular we have made a strong focus on adding a good assortment of styles and colours so that if you are looking to buy a personalised map in Australia then you have come to the right place. After placing your order we will email you a proof of your map, including some close-ups, within 48 hours, usually the same day.

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Custom Push Pin Map Canvas

These customised push pin travel world maps wall art pieces are available a variety of sizes and colour schemes and are available for a large number of different Maps. The World Map Pinboards are the latest trend in home decor from 2018 and make a great gift to document the travels of your family or partner. The maps aren’t currently available as corkboard maps however the Stretched Canvas Print or Framed versions work fine for pinpointing your adventures. Please note for obvious reasons we do not put glass or Perspex on top of the framed prints. Browse more than 60 great pinboard artworks online.

Personalised push pin maps are ideal for anyone who loves to travel! We have a variety of styles ranging from something simple to something elaborate with maps of the entire globe. Our gallery of map art also includes maps of Europe, the United States of America, Australia, and New Zealand.

Personalised World Map Canvas

Each of our push pin maps comes with 100 pins in a variety of colours, we even give you the option to choose the colours you would like so you can have one colour for every member of the family. The maps are carefully made in our signature method so that the pens can we stuck into the canvas or the framed print and won’t come out. We specialise in these pinboard maps so if you have any questions feel free to get in touch. We’ve also carefully collated a collection of FAQs, answering all of your questions relating to these personalised maps.

All of these push pin maps can be personalised according to your needs and standards in your preferred colours and style. Customisations for these corkboard maps can be made to include words and messages including family names and travel destinations. These maps can be a great gift for someone who enjoys travelling.

Our great pinboard maps come in a variety of colours ranging from bright and colourful to darker and more standard. Choose between a simple, single coloured map, watercolours, or anywhere in between. Our range of personalised corkboard maps also includes maps of countries and continents with labelled cities and countries.

With such diversity, you can choose from newer, more contemporary looking maps or historical and vintage maps. The appearance is completely up to you! Also available are cheap canvases which can be hung up on the wall. Maps would look great anywhere in your home. To keep it more personal, hang one in your bedroom; or display one in your living room to share your passion for travel with others. Hang them in places that need a pop of colour or hang a more neutral-toned map to fit in with a vintage look. These are perfect for decorating your house with!