Studio Mousseau Wall Art

Studio Mousseau has worked in the commercial art market for 15 years: commercial illustration, graphic design and, in the later years, designing and art directing for both the open edition print and licensing markets.

Much to the disappointment of her mother, a bookstore owner, Miss Mousseau fell in love with fashion and home decor magazines at a very young age. To this day, a trip to the newsstand is one of her favourite pastimes, and browsing these magazines is where she finds a great deal of her creative inspiration in the home decor, design and fashion sections. Studio Mousseau wall art is created in multimedia and painted work in acrylics.

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Studio Mousseau Wall Art

Welcome to our gallery of gorgeous abstract wall art prints created by the accomplished Australian artist Studio Mousseau. In order to ensure durability and aesthetic appeal in your home decor, all of our prints are proudly produced in Australia using the finest materials. We have a wide selection of exquisite designs, ranging in these from botanical, to abstract and modern pieces that go well with any interior design scheme.

Each piece of art by Studio Mousseau is distinctive and an attractive addition to any space thanks to its bright use of colour and complex detailing. All of the prints in our collection, which come in a number of sizes and formats, range from vivid abstract artwork to tranquil landscapes and animal images. You can customise the item to fit your particular interior design requirements by selecting from a stretched canvas print, a framed print, or our distinctive floating frame.

The artwork by Studio Mousseau is not only aesthetically pleasing but also a green option for your home’s interior design. Since we use carbon-neutral printing techniques and eco-friendly materials for all of our prints, you may appreciate lovely art while being aware of the environment.

Our selection of Studio Mousseau wall art prints has something for everyone, whether you’re searching for a statement piece to liven up your living room or a quiet landscape to create a calming ambience in your bedroom. Browse our collection right away to add high-quality, Australian-made wall art to your house.