How to Transform Your Office Space

How to Transform Your Office Space

The look and feel of your office space can ultimately shape employee morale and productivity. What’s more, it can determine whether you make a positive first impression on a potential client, business associate, or employee.

It is therefore important to develop an aesthetically-pleasing interior, which will ensure you create a productive, modern company. If you are stuck for décor tips, read the following advice on how to transform your office space.

Hang Wall Art

Dull, grey walls will make your employees watch the clock until 5 pm. Lift their mood by adding a splash of colour using wall art, so they will feel as if they work in a creative, fun workplace. You can even express your brand’s original personality by creating your own personalised canvas prints such as a gorgeous star map, which could help to impress every visitor that walks through your office doors.

Create a Complementary Design

Create a stylish interior design and incorporate them into your office chairs, accessories, and paint colours to develop a décor that looks effortlessly stylish. When it comes to the day to day running of your office, your web design is just as important. Consider up to date, fast-loading, adaptable software that works with your company’s brand and ethos. This might also mean updating the hardware in the office to mirror the slick design aesthetic you are going for both in your office and with your company identity. For those working within e-commerce, for example, dynamic solutions can be found by migrating from Magento to Shopify Plus. This will allow you to leave your website in capable hands so that you can focus on building your business.

Feature a Breakout Area

A fun breakout zone could be the perfect way to add a little fun and relaxation into your office, as it will provide your team with an informal place to unwind and de-stress during a break. Fill the room with colourful cushions, beanbags, sofas, wall prints, TVs, board games and games consoles, so they will return to their desk feeling both happy and relaxed.

Add some life to the desks

Keeping decorative fish is not only add some life to the office but also have been scientifically proven to be relaxing! There are a variety of stunning fish which are very resilient and will live very happily in containers around 10 gallons, this will easily fit onto a desk. Beautiful fish such as the popular Siamese fighting fish from Thailand really add a splash of colour to an office. These amazing fish are increasingly being bred to have strikingly colourful varieties.

Bring in the Great Outdoors

It’s not only wall art and breakout areas that can transform your space. Indoor plants have been proven to increase productivity and creativity, and putting them around the office is a great way to help your employees develop new and original ideas, which can help your brand grow in size and revenue. What’s more, there are numerous plants that can help to purify the air, so it can help you to maintain a clean, fresh office space.

Change the Office Lighting

Not only should you aim to welcome as much natural sunlight as possible, but you also must install the most effective artificial lighting for your office. Sharp, bright lights are often associated with boring, industrial office cubicles, which can quickly zap away at your employees’ passion. Improve productivity and morale by opting for yellow-toned lamps and ceiling lights, which will create a relaxing ambience.

Become More Organised

Of course, there is no point transforming your décor only to detract from it with mess and clutter. Spruce up your office space by improving organisation across the business, and encourage your employees to do the same. Invest in various storage solutions to ensure everything has its place. For example, hang stylish shelving for your industry books, display company awards on bookcases and invest in storage cabinets to house your sensitive documents.