Photos on Canvas – What Looks Good?

baby photo canvas print

5 split photo canvasIf you have ever experimented with photos on canvas, you know there is a bit of a learning curve. Some photos look better on canvas than others do. Fortunately, the curve is very easy to navigate. Let’s take a look at what looks best with photo canvas printing. Then, you will be ready to print your own photos on canvas.

High-Resolution Images

When a printing company puts a photo on canvas, they usually have to blow the image up. With that in mind, you should only use high-resolution images for this process. Don’t use a photo that you snapped with your iPhone. Instead, set your camera to the highest resolution and take a number of photos.

baby photo canvas printColourful Images

Shadows and subtle colors can be lost on canvas. The same is not true for bright, colorful images. These images really pop on canvas. If you have bright, colorful images, consider using photo canvas printing. The photo will brighten up the room once you hang it up.


Landscapes also do really well with photo canvas printing. A large canvas is the perfect place to display a landscape and the natural colors blend really well together on canvas. Just be sure to pick a landscape shot that is interesting. Otherwise, it will look too bland on canvas.


While colourful images and landscapes look great on canvas, portraits do as well. The canvas actually softens the look of the portrait. If you want to soften some lines, photo canvas printing is a great way to go.

Images that Can Be Cropped

Canvas Prints Online images are wrapped around the frame. If you have something important on the edge of the picture, it won’t show up on the canvas. Make sure there is ample space for cropping so your photos on canvas will look great. If your photo cannot be cropped, it will not work with photo canvas printing. It will look strange since you will be missing a vital piece of the photo.

Photos on canvas allow people to display their own works of art. It doesn’t matter if you have only taken a handful of pictures or you are a professional. If you follow these tips, you can create some great photos that you can put on canvas. Then, you can decorate your home with your own pictures. That will certainly give you a sense of pride every time you have people over to your house.

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