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Banksy Art

Banksy, an infamous artist based in England, has become a cultural phenomenon with millions of people interested in his work. Banksy focuses his talents on street art and graffiti, using satire and dark humour to portray his subjects. Banksy has a unique style of stencilling that makes his work undeniably his. In addition to showing off his talents in England, cities all around the world have their own Banksy art, as well. While Banksy once sold his reproductions of his art, he does not anymore however there are a lot of Banksy prints available to buy from various stores online. He paints on highly visible surfaces, most commonly walls, and his work is resold sometimes by removing the original work completely.

Little is known about Banksy as his identity remains unverified, although his assumed name is Robin Gunningham with a 28 July 1973 birthdate. Other possible identities include Robert Del Naja and Jamie Hewlett. He was born in just outside of Bristol, England. His beginnings at the Bristol underground scene, a movement beginning in the 1980s involving collaborations between artists and musicians, gave him the confidence and necessary platform to succeed with his ‘Banksy Art’ concept. Banksy notes that he drew inspiration from 3D, a fellow graffiti artist and a member of the music band Massive Attack. He began his career as a freehand graffiti artist. By 2000, Banksy began creating art in the form of stencilling because it took less time to create. This is when he began receiving attention around Bristol and London.

His style of stencilling showcases humourous images, sometimes painted alongside slogans. His work is usually anti-war, anti-establishment, or anti-capitalist. The subjects of the Banksy wall art paintings often include policemen, animals, rats, kids, and the elderly. However, his exact technique remains uncertain due to the artists’ secrecy, although many presume that he uses images from computers as inspiration due to the quality of artwork he produces. In a book he released, Wall and Piece, he mentions that he could not ever complete his graffiti because he got caught or just could not complete it at one go. According to Banksy, he changed styles to stencilling while hiding from police and noted the stencilled serial number under a waste lorry.

Banksy often incorporates social and political themes into his artwork. He enjoys mocking centralised government with the goal to portray the idea that power is not inefficient. In addition to the political aspects of his art, much of his work reflects social issues such as greed, poverty, and alienation. The main reason why Banksy creates art the way he does is to express his feelings and views to others. He uses street to get noticed by others due to the large volume of people who pass by everyday can see his work.

The art of Banksy has a cult-like fan base, with the ambiguity of his identify getting people interested in his art and is considered a cultural icon. The “Banksy effect” came about due to his ability to portray art in a way that draws outsider art into the mainstream. Banksy’s artwork has commanded a growth of interest in street art in general, with street art becoming part of everyday life.

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