Max Ernst

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Into the Weird and Surreal World of Max Ernst
German artist Max Ernst had a crucial role in the birth of the Dada and Surrealist movements. Collage, painting, and sculpture were all used in his works, and the resulting surreal and often disturbing images were characteristic of his style.
Modern printing technology
Canvas Prints Australia has a wide selection of high-quality Ernst reproductions, including prints of “The Robing of the Bride” and “The Elephant Celebes,” two of the artist’s most well-known works. All of our prints are made with high-end printing equipment and materials to ensure they remain true to Ernst’s original work in terms of color and detail.

Dreamlike settings, unusual animals, and odd juxtapositions were common themes in Ernst’s works, all of which represented his fascination with the subconscious and the irrational. Our selection of prints is a wonderful way to bring his original vision into your home or business, where it will no doubt inspire and enchant art aficionados for years to come.

Canvas Prints Australia offers the right print for you, whether you’re a seasoned Ernst fan or just discovering his unique style. See our gallery of fine prints to learn more about the enchantment and intrigue of Max Ernst’s work.