Paul Gauguin

Welcome to our exquisite collection of Paul Gauguin prints, where you can embark on a journey through the vibrant and exotic world of one of the most influential painters of the Post-Impressionist movement. Our collection features a range of high-quality wall art prints that capture the essence of Gauguin’s unique style and vision. All of our prints for Australian orders are made in Australia using the finest quality materials, ensuring that you receive a product that is truly remarkable. Available as stretched canvas prints, framed prints, and floating frames, our collection offers a range of options to suit your personal style and decor.

Gauguin’s artwork is renowned for its bold use of colour, symbolic imagery, and exploration of cultural themes. His paintings of exotic landscapes, indigenous people, and dreamlike scenes transport viewers to far-off lands and evoke a sense of wonder and intrigue. Each print in our collection is produced using state-of-the-art printing technology and premium-quality materials, ensuring that the colours remain vibrant and true-to-life for years to come. Our prints are made using archival-quality inks that resist fading, yellowing, and deterioration over time, and we use only the highest quality paper and canvas that is acid-free and designed to last a lifetime.

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Paul Gauguin: The Father of Primitivism

French Post-Impressionist painter Paul Gauguin was known for his bold and colorful works. He pioneered primitivist art, which praised non-Western cultures’ simplicity and purity. Gauguin was one of the 19th century’s most influential artists due to his bold colors, flat shapes, and simplified forms.
A range of art choices
Canvas Prints Australia offers Gauguin’s unique style in a variety of art options. His paintings’ bold colors and simple forms look great on our canvas prints. Wall art and framed prints display his talent and the beauty of non-Western cultures.

Canvas Prints Australia strives to make Gauguin’s artwork look its best on canvas. High-quality materials and advanced printing methods reproduce the original painting’s colors and details in each print. Our canvas prints feature Gauguin’s Where Do We Come From? paintings’ bold colors and simplified forms. Our Identity? to the gorgeous Yellow Christ.

How Did We Get Here? Our Identity? Are We Going? , Yellow Christ, Beach Tahitian Women

Gauguin’s paintings celebrate the simplicity and purity of non-Western cultures with bold colors, flat shapes, and simplified forms. Where Do We Come From? is one of his most popular works. Our Identity? Where Are We Going?, Yellow Christ, and Tahitian Women on the Beach demonstrate his primitivist art skills. His paintings are some of the most intriguing in history because of their exoticism and mystique.

Our collection of Paul Gauguin prints is available in a variety of sizes and formats, making it easy to find the perfect piece of wall art for your space. Whether you prefer the classic look of a framed print or the modern aesthetic of a floating frame, we have a range of options to suit your needs. Our stretched canvas prints offer a contemporary and minimalist look, while our framed prints provide a traditional and refined option. With our dedication to quality craftsmanship, you can bring the vibrant and exotic world of Gauguin’s art into your home or office. Explore our collection today and discover the mesmerizing beauty of Paul Gauguin.