Brisbane City Night 5 panel art

Brisbane by Night 5 Panel




This breath-taking 5-panel wall art print is in the shape of a diamond and depicts Brisbane by Night. Its a stunning view that would add colour and interest to any room you choose to place it. Whats more, your print will arrive neatly packaged and ready to hang immediately. What are you waiting for?

* Total length includes a 1cm space between each of the panels

Standard Panel Size: 1 x 25cm x 71cm, 2 x 25cm x 54cm, 2 x 25cm x 37cm, overall length 129cm

Large Panel Size: 1 x 30cm x 85cm, 2 x 30cm x 64cm, 2 x 30cm x 43cm, overall length 154cm

X Large Panel Size: 1 x 41cm x 114cm, 2 x 41cm x 85cm, 2 x 41cm x 56cm, overall length 209cm

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Standard, Large

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