Exit The Portal 5 Piece Split Diamond Set




Exit The Portal 5 Piece Split Diamond Set. A glorious scene bathed in the golden glow of fall, this captivating 5 Piece Split Diamond Set prints has a fantasy feel with its warming amber glow. Like all of the art on our website, we offer these prints as stretched canvas prints, framed prints (to view this click this link), rolled or paper prints.

Please note that the sofa is not to scale and is shown purely for display purposes. Please note also that we have included an image of this print as a single print, just to clarify this product on this page is for the 5-panel set, if you want to purchase the single panel please follow the above link.

* Total length includes a 1cm space between each of the panels

Standard Panel Size Breakdown: 1 x 25cm x 71cm, 2 x 25cm x 54cm, 2 x 25cm x 37cm, overall length 129cm

Large Panel Size Breakdown: 1 x 30cm x 85cm, 2 x 30cm x 64cm, 2 x 30cm x 43cm, overall length 154cm

X Large Panel Size Breakdown: 1 x 41cm x 114cm, 2 x 41cm x 85cm, 2 x 41cm x 56cm, overall length 209cm



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