In Dust Five Panel Canvas Photo Printing

In Dust Five Panel




In Dust Five Panel Canvas Photo Printing. A spectacular sight, a herd of horses on the move, shifting the ground beneath their unified stampede with a dust cloud lingering around them like an ethereal mist.  For me, this haunting image conjures the magnificent strength of these animals combined, inspiring and powerful.

We also sell the same image as a single panel, 3 and 4 panel split wall canvas set, the 4 panel can be seen here.

Note that the sofa is for display purposes only, it’s not to scale..

* Total length includes a 1cm space between each of the panels

Standard Panel Size Breakdown: 1 x 25cm x 71cm, 2 x 25cm x 54cm, 2 x 25cm x 37cm, overall length 129cm

Large Panel Size Breakdown: 1 x 30cm x 85cm, 2 x 30cm x 64cm, 2 x 30cm x 43cm, overall length 154cm

X Large Panel Size Breakdown: 1 x 41cm x 114cm, 2 x 41cm x 85cm, 2 x 41cm x 56cm, overall length 209cm

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Standard, Large

These are the media options we offer, more information can be found here

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