Kaikai & Kiki Dreaming of Shangri-La 3 Panel Artwork




Kaikai & Kiki Dreaming of Shangri-La 3 Panel Artwork. Another wonderful and vivid offering by the Japanese artist Takashi Murakami who is often referred to as the Japanese Andy Warhol. This print depicts two more of Takashi’s anime characters, Kaikai and Kiki. Takashi’s style is a fusion between commercial and fine art. This wonderful artwork is presented in a 3-panel set, you can view a single framed version here.

As with all art on this site, we offer these prints as stretched canvas print, framed print, rolled or paper print. We also offer a 4-panel split and 5-panel diamond set.

Please note that the sofa is not to scale and is shown just for display purposes.

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