Piet Mondrian Tableau No.2 Composition V




Piet Mondrian Tableau No.2 Composition V Art Picture Prints Melbourne Australia. One of a few great Mondrian prints we have on this website in a variety of his styles as his style is well known for its evolution through time. Some great information about this gorgeous artwork can be found at this wikimedia page.

The Guggenheim has some great details about Monbdrian and his artworks, such as this information, ‘during the war years, Mondrian continued to move toward greater abstraction, rejecting diagonal lines and decreasing his reliance on his favored subjects—trees, seascapes, and architecture. Composition, which developed from studies of a church, is among the last of his works that can be traced to an observable source. Canvases like this make it clear that Mondrian’s interest lay foremost in coming to terms with the two-dimensionality of the painted surface. For this work, the artist designed a strip frame (now lost), which he said prevented the sensation of depth created by traditional carved frames.’

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