Architecture & Design

Architecture & Design

Architecture Wall Art & Canvas Prints & Architectural Photography Picture Home Decor. This recent category addition has some really eye-catching architecture and design prints, from unusual perspectives of buildings to colourful contrasts, these pieces make great Wall Art

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Canvas Prints Australia now offers prints of architectural designs, including three-dimensional prints. These are not like any other paintings. The three-dimensional designs are sure to make any space really pop and stand out. Hang them up on walls anywhere in your home, perhaps in your bedroom to fit your personality or in the living room to show off your beautiful canvas print. These beautiful architectural design prints can be perfect gifts for art lovers, your architect friends, or anyone with a quirky personality.  Give it to a loved one for their birthday or another special occasion.

Architectural Wall Art

We offer a variety of ranges and sizes. Use larger prints to hang up on big walls that need some spice and jazz, or purchase a smaller, framed print to put on your bookshelf or desk. The darker colours are fantastic for spaces that need some contrast, while lighter colours can help brighten up any space that feels too small.

Our unique three-dimensional designs come in a variety of tones and colours. Choose one that best fits your needs and who you are. Our staircase and patterned canvas prints are distinctive and sure to turn the heads of visitors. We also offer custom pushpin maps of Australia in this category as well as black and white monochromatic prints, which harmoniously work together to create a beautiful image. These prints come symmetrical, asymmetrical, angled, balanced, and free-flowing which work together to create a variety of moods. Check out our gallery to find what suits you!