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Online Framed Wall Art Prints in Australia

We offer a number of different products on this website, our objective is to offer every type of art style that our customers want, ranging from panoramic to landscape layouts through to the following media options.

Floating Frame Artworks

Our Offered Canvases

What is a Stretched Canvas Print?

A stretched canvas print is a type of artwork that involves printing designs onto canvas, the printed canvas is then stretched over a kiln-dried timber frame, (stretcher bars), the stretched canvas over a wooden frame is a high impact art concept that has only really come about in the last 20 years, the design/ photo is often wrapped around the edges of the frame as well as the front. Meaning that the image can be viewed from the sides, as well as face on.

Using state of the art digital print technology, our artists and manufacturers are able to transfer exquisite oil paintings and other works of art onto remarkably durable canvas materials. Giving our customers a great, for the wall option to buying the original artwork.

Blue Horizon Prints only use the best quality canvas, we use a 100% cotton, 390gsm textured canvas not the poly cotton often used on the cheaper canvases. We only use the best quality canvas with our canvases being carefully selected and imported to provide the best surface for our prints. The 100% cotton canvas is of the very highest quality and made to last. To top all this off we hand make all of the artwork in our own studio here in Noosa, Queensland. This means the stretched canvas prints aren’t just assembled in Noosa, we actually make them here, ensuring our customers receive the very highest quality.

The 100% cotton gives the canvas a nice texture and what is often described as ‘personality’ that helps the colours to jump out when people think of canvas 100% cotton is what they normally think of, most paintings in galleries are cotton canvas. The downfall of cotton is that there is a slight variation between each print in terms of shade and colours however we think this adds character to each artwork and the canvas ALWAYS looks great!

The Poly-Cotton canvas is said to last longer (70 years instead of 60!) and is a little thicker and heavier at 430gsm, it has a much smoother texture but some printers prefer it as its cheaper and also more consistent is getting exactly the same tones. We prefer the texture and authentic look of the cotton and use it as the default but will happily print on either according to our customer’s preference.


Canvas is measured in GSM, which stands for grams per square metre. The rule of thumb is the higher the GSM, the better the quality as it means you get thicker, more durable canvas that can absorb more ink and laminate. While many department stores and other providers print anything down to 150gsm, here at Blue Horizon Prints we offer our customers nothing less than 390 GSM and often up to 430gsm! Ask other providers if they offer that!

Do you pride yourself on your interior decorating skills? Do you find it immensely satisfying to tie a space together with a myriad of different design elements?

Whether you prefer a contemporary, rustic, industrial or traditional theme for your home or business, there is one item of décor that can always find a way to accommodate your particular tastes. Canvas prints can truly help complete virtually any wall space, and serve as an eye catching artwork. Artwork truly reflects your unique personality and style. With so many subtle differences in every style, you’ll be sure to find the right canvas artwork to blend seamlessly with your home or business’s wall space and concept, whatever that might be.

What is Framed Print?

We print on the premium quality, award-winning fine art paper made of 100% cotton then mount the print onto a thick Australian made wooden frame; we offer a choice of a white or black frame or mahogany. The wooden frame is 30mm thick. Other frame options are available on request such as the gold frame etc.


Framed Wall Art Prints Australia

We make all the wooden frames in our Noosa, Queensland studio, each artwork is printed, framed, quality checked, carefully packaged then delivered ready to hang on the wall with all fittings.

We use a premium grade acrylic as opposed to glass for the framed prints, it looks as good as glass but ensures the art lasts longer and can be easily shipped. We also offer 4 Mat colour options, white, black or cream plus other option of no mat meaning the image runs all the way to the edge of the frame. Please note that for the XL Framed prints there is no Mat as the mats aren’t made in these sizes.


What is a Rolled Canvas?

A rolled or un-stretched canvas is just the printed canvas without the wooden frame, it is delivered rolled ready to be framed your a local framer or draped as it is without a frame. Most people order rolled canvas prints for ease when moving them long distances for example overseas.


What is a Wall Decal?

Wall decals or otherwise known as wall stickers, wall murals, and vinyl stickers are removable vinyl wall art that are designed to be applied to walls. There are a number of different styles available in a range of sizes, from decals, which cover a section of a wall space and can vary in size enormously through to wall murals, which often cover the entire wall.


What is a Lustre Paper Print

Lustre paper is a nice option if you’d like to frame the artwork yourself at home, we use 260gsm, high quality photo lustre paper, its ideal for printing photographs on with a nice satin finish. Photo papers have more definition than matt or art papers due to the coating which enhances the image.

Floating Frame for Canvas

What is a Floating Frame?

Floating frames or otherwise known as ‘Floater frames’ are a type of picture frame that is intended for use with a stretched canvas print. The canvas print is placed inside the floating frame, which adds a nice framing effect to the canvas print, effectively combining the ‘gallery wrap’ effect of the canvas with a nice framing effect. Have a look at the picture to see what we mean, the frog stretched canvas print is inside a black floating frame. The canvas print effectively ‘floats’ within the wooden frame. We have one of the largest collections of artwork available as floating frames in Australia! Because of the beautiful high impact of these frames they have become a bit of a signature for us.

Floating Frame Artworks Floating Frame Artworks Floating Frame Artworks

Creating Magic with floating frames

These frames appear slim when viewed from the front, but are deep enough to accommodate then stretched canvases comfortably.

Unlike traditional frames, floating frames don’t require a rebate to be cut into the top of the moulding, which keeps “normal” artwork (as well as the protective perspex cover and backing board) in place. Instead, once these frames are assembled to the required size, the already-stretched canvas print is dropped in from the front and secured in place from the rear.
Because of their simplicity, floating frames don’t vie for the attention of the artwork, they add beautifully to the overall effect and fit in Perfectly with most decor styles, from more traditional home styles to ultra modern contemporary city spaces.

So…What does ” Float Frame ” actually mean?

By now you’re probably wondering… just why are they called floating frames?

It is quite common to include a small gap, usually just 5 to 10mm, between the edge of the canvas and the floating frame. This exposes and accentuates the edges of the painting, as it gently wraps its way around the sides of the stretched canvas.

This is particularly important as it allows us to ensure that the canvas sides with the printed detail is displayed. Here at Blue Horizon Prints always very to avoid having a plain sided canvas, why would we when if we print the sides of the canvas, the image continues to wrap itself around the sides and allows our customers to view the artwork from all angles of the room, trust me, this gorgeous effect cannot be understated, it has a massive impact on the artwork.

Then, by having a small gap, it means that none of this detail will be lost. The end result is that your canvas painting will appear as if it’s hovering inside the frame, as if by magic… a floating frame!

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