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Australian Photography Canvas Wall Art Prints & Australia Photo Artwork. Australia Photography Canvas Wall Art & Australian Artwork. This is brand-new category features all things of Australia, we are going to make a conscientious effort to make this category one of the biggest on the website as we are getting more requests for local artwork and photography.

This collection features some beautiful surfing, beaches and seascapes artwork by local photographers, an ever-growing collection of cityscapes, Australian city scenes and skylines from across the country. We are also on the lookout for local photographers with an unusual angle and a keen eye as well as local artists.

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The Australian canvas prints category portray photos and paintings with horizons and nature featuring dazzling rivers, gorgeous skies, and beautiful trees. Modern Australian canvas painting and photography uses bright colors and aerial views of lands and water. The brilliant and bold use of colour in these wall photos on canvases will make a great addition to any home. Classical wall art canvases are also available with abstract paintings that will let your mind wander. Paintings with bright subjects stand out on these photo canvas prints. The subjects are clear in these photographs and stand out due to their unique style of color use, depth, and overall finesse. These subjects include anything from nature to words printed onto a canvas.


Paintings and photographs with bright skies will fascinate anyone who catches even just a glimpse of them. The beautiful colors in the sky during sunsets and sunrise of these custom canvas prints look outstanding over longer pieces of furniture. Canvas prints with words and numbers are great for anyone quirky and exclusive. They will look great on narrow wall spaces or hanging around some smaller pieces of furniture to add a unique vibe to the room.


For those considering purchasing an Australian piece of art, such as a landscape, consider hanging it above a large piece of furniture like a couch or bed, or on a large wall for a beautiful addition to the home. Smaller canvases can fit easily on smaller walls to complement the room overall without overwhelming any guests.