Four Piece Canvas Wall Art

Browse our Beautiful range of four split panel art prints. These stunning four-piece canvas wall art designs available in a very wide range of art concepts and themes. We’ve made a big effort to make sure we have these four pieces prints available in every style of art and every colour scheme to suit every taste and every wall space.

There are a large number of landscape photography prints featuring scenes from around the world, as well as a lot of painting prints by artists such as Leonid Afremov and Takashi Murakami. We also have some beautiful spiritual themed four-piece artworks from temples to lotuses, some great artworks featuring animals such as Lions, Horse and Elephants, as well as more urban themed four panel art featuring artworks by Banksy. We truly have something for everyone in this collection.

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Four Piece Canvas Art Print Online

As with all of our art on this website, we now offer these four-piece canvas art print designs as stretched canvas prints, framed prints, floating frames, rolled canvases or paper prints or wall stickers / decals. All artwork is available to be ordered online and we can deliver worldwide, although we are based in Noosa, Queensland.

Four Piece Artwork Canvas

We can also create this same split panel effect using your own photos and images. Please feel free to contact us directly if you have an image of your own that you are looking to have made into a four-piece artwork canvas. Due to the large size of these 4 panel artworks, there are a number of requirements of the photo or image you want to use, primarily that it is a high-resolution, good quality file and it will not be pixelated at the size required.

What is the best spacing between panels for your 4 piece art set?

It is a bit more difficult to hang a split panel canvas print of 4 or more frames than the single panel. If you have bought the one, you may be wondering about the best spacing and place to give the canvas print set the best aesthetics.

So, before you go to drill the holes in the wrong place of the wall, we thought to share some tips to help you get it right. These tips will help the 4 piece wall art set to add more impact to your home or office space.

What Distance Is Ideal Spacing Between The Frames?

The impact of the image that flows across the wall comes up from the spacing that you provide between the canvas panels. The ideal spacing between split canvas panels remains somewhere around 2inches. This distance is sufficient to create a combined effect of the entire 4 piece canvas prints while not forming too much gap. However, it does not mean that you should consider the same distance for the smaller canvas as well. When you have small canvases, it is best to decrease the gap to make the overall arrangement work well.

The distance can also vary depending upon the image style and your personal preference. But if you have some flowing elements in the image, you can afford to hang the canvases a little further apart. Otherwise, you can keep the frames a bit closer to each other for images such as portraits.

How to Avoid the Spacing Mistake?

If you do not want to take any risk of making a silly mistake in the hanging process, you can lay the frames out on the floor and play with the spacing quotient. Try to look at the artwork from every different angle and its also a good idea to ask someone else to give their opinion. When you decide on the ideal spacing, measure the gap, and use the template to mark the holes on the wall. Take a measuring tape and pencil to mark the correct point before drilling. Measure the distance twice to avoid any mistakes. We also recommend using a spirit level.

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