Spirituality & Buddha Wall Art & Canvas Paintings

Spirituality & Buddha Wall Art & Canvas Paintings

Browse the latest collection of Spirituality & Buddha Wall Art Collection of Pictures and Prints Australia, we are adding new art all the time. This category has a spectrum of religious and spiritual art for everyone, from Machu Picchu, to Angkor Wat, churches to temples, Buddha art to Ganesh wall prints

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Buddha Wall Art Print on canvas

This popular category has a gorgeous collection of Buddha wall art on canvas. But in addition to being available as canvas we also have all of these artworks available as framed prints, rolled canvases and also paper prints as well as our most premium product, the Buddha floating frames. We have one of the largest collections off buddha canvas painting online in Australia.

Considered as one of the fastest-growing religions in Australia, Buddhism holds a gorgeous artistic element in Australia too,  along with other Asian cultures. Visitors to our country can see Buddha wall art in many places from temples, gardens, botanical gardens, restaurant and more.

Since Buddhist art is also popular among Australians’, we made a concerted effort to collate a beautiful collection of Buddha canvas prints and buddha wall art, consisting of Golden lord buddha, half buddha face, Traditional buddha statues and images and other facets of buddha’s life. From a spiritual point of view Buddha is meant to lends positivity and good luck to the those who put it to display in one form or the other. To Buddhists, Buddha is known as “Enlightened” and “Awakened” which is gradually becoming a part of the Australian culture.

We are also more than happy to print our customers photos on canvas, so if you are looking for a Buddha canvas pictures or any spiritual artwork, no matter what religion, and can’t find it on our website and then please feel free to get in touch we can either source the particular poster or print you are looking for.

Framed Buddha Wall Art

We also offer extra-large buddha canvas prints. The biggest size that we can print on canvas is 55 inches / 140cm on the shortest edge, the length size will end up whatever the shape format is but is only limited to the length of the roll of the canvas (which is VERY long!).

The reason we are limited to this size for our wall décor is that we use Epson Wide Format Art Printers to achieve the best quality. Larger sizes than this require flatbed multipurpose printers which we don’t use as they aren’t art specialized.

If you want larger buddha canvas painting online then we recommend split canvases, these are a great way to cover large spaces and are more visually impressive than a single canvas print too. We have a few 3 piece buddha wall art pieces to choose from.