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Selling Art Online: A Guide

In the digital age, more and more people are starting to consider the opportunities in selling your art online. As well as being able to make a connection with a wider range of clients, online marketplaces and stores reduce the need for store space and the importance of local traffic. Here are the best ways in which you can sell art online and which you should consider using if you want to successfully sell your art as a way of making income. Set up an Online Shop Firstly, it is important that you consider the benefits of running an online shop for yourself. Installing your own online shop gives you a base for your work that is easily navigable and which focuses on your artwork and technique. What’s more, this shop will be fully in your control and you can use this platform  …Read More

The Evolving Font – Futuracha Pro

We like to think that we at Canvas Prints Australia are on the cutting edge of all things new and modern and now we know we are! We have something very new and very exciting to offer you, something straight out of the pages of a sci-fi novel, consider yourselves mind blown……Evolving Art, that is, a wonderful font that changes and adapts the more you write. Futuracha Pro is a unique font whose weaving characters change shape and interact as they form different words. We first stumbled upon this font on a BoredPanda post and quickly fell in love… the rest is history. The evolving Futuracha Pro was developed in Greece by designer Odysseas Galinos Paparounis and his agency of curious explorers of design; Høly, the agencies innovative approach to design is evident in this curious and magical font that evolves before your  …Read More

A Guide To Contemporary Artwork for Wall Art

Blue Harmony flower art

There is an increasing trend for people to opt for contemporary artwork when it comes to wall art. These art prints have the ability to transform any room and they can be used to add character to any room within the home. These art prints can also be used within business environments such as offices and restaurants. This artwork can offer a fantastic way to add a bit of colour to the room using one of these canvas prints. Every canvas print is able to tell a different story and everyone will contain a pop art style of art, which will be able to tell an amazing story. When it comes to choosing the contemporary and abstract art choosing a pop style can make it very unique. Contemporary designs are also a great way to transform a kid’s photo or a family portrait  …Read More

The Advantages of Photos on Canvas

Photo on canvas

The Advantages of Photos on Canvas There are a lot of different options available when it comes to getting photos on canvas. It is possible to choose from a vast array of different pictures or you can choose your own ones to use. Recently there has been an increasing trend for people to get photos on canvas and there are some people that opt to get a collage on canvas, which means that they can contain a number of different photos. Canvas is a very appealing texture as it is not flat like paper therefore it gives an artistic air. The woven texture does not enable an accurate reproduction of images that are high resolution. The level of detail that is involved with a canvas print cannot be attained due to the weave of the fabric. Photos on paper can allow for a  …Read More

Five Effects of Canvas Art Prints

bubbles abstract art

It is fair to say that nowadays almost everyone has thousands of photos stored in their computer none of which have been printed. If you would like to get a portrait done quickly then it would be worth considering canvas printing. In order to start printing photos to canvas you will need to select the photos that you want to contain and it is possible to have a single picture or make a collage on canvas. Canvas is closely linked to visual art and canvas artwork can be seen as instant accents within office spaces or in the home. Nowadays artwork especially classic ones can be rather expensive. The introduction of modern technology and techniques means that people are now able to design their own spectacular wall art prints. Online artwork options mean that with just a few clicks of the mouse you  …Read More