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Category Archives: Photo Canvas Prints

Photos on Canvas – What Looks Good?

baby photo canvas print

If you have ever experimented with photos on canvas, you know there is a bit of a learning curve. Some photos look better on canvas than others do. Fortunately, the curve is very easy to navigate. Let’s take a look at what looks best with photo canvas printing. Then, you will be ready to print your own photos on canvas. High-Resolution Images When a printing company puts a photo on canvas, they usually have to blow the image up. With that in mind, you should only use high-resolution images for this process. Don’t use a photo that you snapped with your iPhone. Instead, set your camera to the highest resolution and take a number of photos. Colourful Images Shadows and subtle colors can be lost on canvas. The same is not true for bright, colorful images. These images really pop on canvas. If  …Read More

Photo Canvas Paper Using Digital Photos

Canvas photo paper prints are really just traditional photo paper and this allows copies of photos to be taken from the computer. The main difference between photo canvas paper and canvas artwork is that the photo paper has a certain look, which makes it look similar to an old canvas style of oil painting. The canvas appearance that is created by the paper makes it possible for you to use a traditional photo. It is possible to use either an old or new photo and turn it into something that looks like it has been painted. Photos to canvas is really a very good way to get an artistic look with your paintings and this enables you to do something which is completely different and this is something which was possible to do with the traditional style of inkjet printer for photos. The  …Read More

The Advantages of Canvas Printing

There are an increasing number of people that are choosing to have canvas printing as a way of decorating the walls in their home. This form of artwork enables you to turn an image or photo into a spectacular piece of art work. Canvas art work is a fantastic way of turning any image into a spectacular centrepiece for a wall. There are a number of advantages associated with canvas printing ranging from the convenience of creating Photo Canvas Collages to cost. The first advantage of canvas printing is that it is possible to make your own art work, which can save you money and time. There is no need to spend a lot of time looking for a service provider that you can trust to make a good job of your wall art prints. It is very easy to make your own  …Read More